Group To Hold Drug Abuse Info Workshop

A new drug prevention group in Jackson County is trying raise public awareness about the widespread use of methamphetamines.

The group called Community Action Drug Abuse Prevention sponsored a meeting this week to help educate the public about the dangers associated with this home made drug. About 80 participants heard from the Bureau of Narcotics and a former meth user about some of the warning signs.

Several different agencies attended the educational meeting including the Pascagoula Fire Department and local case workers.

"There was a lot of things I didn't know," Jackson County Youth Court worker Sonja Jackson said. "Basically that's why we are here because they tell us this is an epidemic here in Jackson County. Some of the kids in Jackson county are taking this drug. So we just came out to learn more."

The group will hold another public meeting in June about Methamphetamine use again at the Fair grounds at 6pm on June 7th.