Teen speaks out after video of attack goes viral

Teen speaks out after video of attack goes viral

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Ky Maurice, 17, was one of five girls who were dragged from a vehicle and brutally attacked. The entire ordeal was not only caught on camera - the viral video has been viewed on social media more than 30,000 times.

Ky was attending a birthday party with her friends and sister near the Ken Combs Pier when the fight began.

"We walked to our car and they began, like, approaching the car and stuff," said Ky. "They opened the door and they attacked me."

The video shows a girl walking up to a car crowded with people. Ky, who was in the vehicle with her sister and three friends, was on the passenger's side. The three-minute video has outraged Ky's family.

"We have been to the police station to press charges on Sunday, and we are just waiting on the warrant to be issued on some arrests," said Ky's aunt, Nickie Boykin.

The fight was so disturbing, Boykin couldn't finish watching the video.

"None of us [were] badly injured. They broke my bracket off my braces, and busted my best friend's lip," Ky recalled.

Ky says she knows the group who assaulted her, and it isn't the first time they've attacked someone.

"We're the first, the second, the third, or even the fourth, people that they've done this to. It's like, they are becoming a problem," noted Ky.

The family hopes something is done to keep the group from fighting again.

"What do we need to do as parents to let our kids go out in public and don't have to worry about are they going to be safe," asked Boykin.

Gulfport police confirm an affidavit has been filed, and a judge has seven to 10 business days to review it. At that time, a warrant could be issued for the suspects.

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