Local BBQ Restaurant Looking To Expand Operations

One Ocean Springs restaurant will soon be spreading its name and food all over the southeast. The owners of The Shed BBQ Restaurant on Highway 57 are getting ready to start franchising their homegrown business.

"When we first started it was a 45 square foot building. Brooke and I were the only employees. I stayed in the back, and she took all of the money and put the potato salad and beans on there," Brad Orrison says.

That was in 2000. Now, just five years later, the brother and sister team are spreading their wings and selling their dream.

"That's a huge goal for everybody in the restaurant business," Brooke Orrison-Lewis says.

They say good food and good fun is a winning combination. They've already had dozens of interested investors wanting a bite.

"Out of 50 people that want to own a franchise, we might pick one. It's just going to be certain people," Brad says.

Certain people to keep the atmosphere just right.

"Our girls and guys that work in every store will have that same outgoing spunk, yelling at people as they walk through the door, making people who were having a bad day turn around and have a good day," Brooke says.

The only change may be in each shed's decorations.

"They're all going to mold themselves into a shed that's localized to that area. It's not going to be a McDonalds or Burger King that just goes up," Brad says.

Even though the siblings are looking forward to expanding the "Shed" name all over the country, they say don't worry, the original Shed in South Mississippi will always be number one.