Harley Blowout Returns to Gulf Coast

Beginning Friday, thousands of Harley bikers will roar into the Gulfport Dragway for a holiday weekend of races, games and contests called the Harley Blowout .  The Asgard Motorcyle Club sponsors the blowout on private property just north of the Gulfport City Limits at the Gulfport Dragway. Organizers say the event pumps about $6 million into the coast economy.

Although the gathering is adult oriented, the Asgard Motorcycle Club discourages any illegal behavior.

"We go out of our way to have people camp here, so if they've had too many beers or whatever they can stay right here on the grounds until they sleep it off or whatever they so so we have people going out of the track safely and we don't have drunks leaving," "Smokey" with the Asgard Motorcycle Club said.

Some bikers complained that law enforcers came on too strong last year, giving them a hard time for no reason. Harrison County Sheriff George Payne says he's not trying to spoil anyone's fun at the annual Memorial Day All Harley Blow-Out but he does intend to enforce the law.

Sheriff George Payne says his deputies arrested only one person spending most of their time keeping traffic moving.

"We did draw some criticism, some people mainly from out of town that thought they had blanket immunity, they could come here and do anything. The only things we ask is don't come here and have open sex in front of kids and other people, walk around nude, do drugs in the open, in front of everybody. That's against the law, we're gonna uphold the law," Sheriff Payne said.

The Asgard Motorcyle Club said they don't want illigal activity either, but the Asgards do want people to come and have a good time. Smokey's not too worried about a web site that urges people to boycott the blowout because of last year's alleged harassment. He says that in 19 years, they've never had trouble filling up the dragway, and he doesn't think that will be a problem this year either.