More warnings posted at Biloxi train crossings

More warnings posted at Biloxi train crossings

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - More warning signs went up Monday at the Main St. railroad crossing in Biloxi to help prevent future accidents at the site.

Friday, city workers began putting up new warning signs for drivers in response to the deadly crash March 7 when a tour bus got stuck on the tracks.

The signs warn drivers of the steep incline at the crossing and tell trucks, busses, and RVs they are not allowed to cross. In the coming days, similar signs will go up at crossings on Lameuse, Nixon, and Lee streets.

In addition to old and new warning signs, small blue signs now identify each crossing. These signs also include a phone number drivers can call when they see any problems or emergencies along the railways.

The phone call could potentially stop a crash.

Meanwhile, Biloxi leaders continue to press for closing six crossings in the city. That plan was announced before the tour bus accident.

A 2014 study recommends closing crossings at Nixon, Holley, Iroquois, and Dorries streets, along with the crossings at Keller and Querens avenues. There's a public hearing on the crossings Tuesday, March 21 after the regular 1:30 p.m. council meeting.

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