Helena Gets First Underground Sewage System

Chunks of mud line the streets of Helena as work crews prepare the area's first water and sewage system. For years, septic tanks have caused major problems for residents.

"When we had a lot of rain, we had a flood problem out here, because the ditches stay full from run offs of each individual home basically," Jim Bass said.

"It's low, it's flat, they have drainage problems and because they have a high ground water table and the septic tanks don't work very well, some places they work, other places don't work," Supervisor Manly Barton said.

Barton says the upgrade will also help the environment.

"The more we can sewer... the less pollution will be in our streams and rivers."

Barton says before the project began, it was hard to find people to move to Helena. Now with new plans in place, he sees the potential for economic development.

"In a low lying area like Helena... it would be hard for someone in the food service business to get a permit. If you have a sewage system, that would not be a problem."

Helena residents says this change was long overdue.

"I think they have anticipated it for years. I think the supply of water would be adequate and I think people will be satisfied with it," says Bass.