Mayor Has Plan To Save Biloxi From Storm Damage

The Mayor of Biloxi has a plan to keep his city safe and clean when the next big storm hits.

A.J. Holloway is proposing two things to the city council, things that he says will cost the city money now, but save a lot in the long run.

If a major storm or hurricane hits Biloxi, the city's economy could be damaged when businesses are.

"Particularly for the casino industry which brings in about 20 million dollars a year to the city of Biloxi which we rely on for about 30-35% of our income is from that," Holloway says.

So to protect the city's economy the Mayor has a plan. He wants to buy business interruption insurance.

"I think we need to protect ourselves. I think we need to go ahead and do it for the total amount of $10 million and up to 6 months, premiums are going to be right around $100,000 a year."

The money he says will be well spent; just look at our friends to the east.

"We're talking to a company that did the same thing over in Orange Beach, Florida, and they tell us they've had it for about six years now."

They paid for six years and in one fell swoop, city leaders told Biloxi's Mayor, it all paid off.

"They say the first installment from Ivan recaptured all of the premiums they paid over that period of time."

Mayor Holloway will also ask the council for approval to look for a debris removal contractor so all debris is removed within 70 hours of the storm.

"We'll have a person that has a contract with the city from now for the rest of the year, in case we need him to come in immediately after the storm."

Keeping homes and roads free of storm debris and buying insurance to protect the economy are two proposals that will soon be headed to the city council for approval.

"We'll have those ready probably within the next 30 to 60 days. I think they will pass it. I think it makes good business sense."