Tri-County Job Fair Sends Hundreds Home With Job Offers

These South Mississippians are from all walks of life, but share at least one thing in common, they're looking for jobs.

Job fair director Joe Buckner says many of these job seekers will go home satisfied.

"We know from past experience that there will be several hundred people leaving with job offers today," Buckner says.

From Chevron to the FBI, some 80 agencies are looking for employees.

CSX Human Resource Representative Lisa Reinker says just showing up, though, doesn't guarantee a thing. It's important to be professional.

"We had an individual here at CSX that said he came here only to be with us. Yet he came here in a T-shirt and a hat. His shirt was all wrinkly, looking like he just rolled out of bed. Not exactly the professional demeanor we're looking for," Reinker says.

"I just got out of the Army yesterday," Ken Harder says.

Harder looks like he's following the rules. He's looking to land a position as an electrical technician. But his chances, here, aren't looking too good.

"I was hoping I'd be able to drop off a few resumes, maybe get an interview or two, but it hasn't happened," Harder adds.

Recent graduate Leonard Brantely's following the advice too, and he's pretty confident it'll pay off.

"Don't let the employer intimidate you. Relax, be yourself. If you are a good person and are qualified for a job, it'll work out, regardless," Brantely says.

It did work out for the more than 600 South Mississippians who were offered jobs.