Website hopes to make voting easier for Bay residents

Website hopes to make voting easier for Bay residents

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (AP) - Bay St. Louis resident, and editor of Shoofly Magazine, Ellis Anderson a created a website designed to make voting easier for residents.

"I wanted to create a place that was kind of a one-stop-shop for local voting," said Anderson. "All the information is there, you can meet the candidates and you can read their stands on issues that are really important to the community."

The website invites candidates to submit bios and a photograph for voters to read and compare.

"They should be able to get their oil changed, and sit there and flip through their phone and decide who to vote for. A mom waiting in the carpool line can see everything and compare candidates," said Anderson.

Another special feature of the site is the upcoming forums. Bay residents have until March 14 to submit questions to any of the candidates. The questions will be selected by a bipartisan committee of local volunteers.

Anderson says the site could also help alleviate the financial burden candidates face when trying to campaign.

"This is a way where they don't have to borrow money, they don't have to go into debt, or they don't have to be beholding to some campaign donor. They can reach voters in a really clear, and concise manor," Anderson said.

Just how many voters? Anderson says the site has had more than 1,400 hits in one week. Out of a city with a population of 10,000, that's quite a bit.

Ward 2 city council candidate Gene Hoffman agrees.

"I think it will help a lot," said Hoffman. "I think it will give us a platform to reach more residents other than going door-to-door. Sometimes you don't get to speak to people."

Anderson says the site should have the forum up and running by mid-April.

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