Residents reminded to change smoke detector batteries

Residents reminded to change smoke detector batteries

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - As residents turn the clocks forward, area firemen are reminding everyone to also check smoke detectors.

"Every fire department in America recommends that you test your smoke detector twice a year at the time change. Change the battery in them so that you know that the batteries are gonna last you for the next six months," said Gipson.

To ensure a smoke detector is actually working, simply press the button for about three seconds. If a beep is heard, that means it's working.

It may be somewhat of a hassle, but Gipson says it can be life saving.

"Most of your fires happen in the evening time when most people are sleeping. The smoke detectors are there to wake you up to give you the chance to flee the structure," said Gipson.

Otherwise, the results can be deadly.

"I have worked scenes where there was a loss of life that could have been prevented from smoke detectors being installed in the house," added Gipson.

The Gulf Park Estates and St. Andrews Fire station will be teaming with the Red Cross to install smoke detectors in homes free of charge.

Those who live outside of the Gulf Park Estates or the St. Andrews area can contact their local fire department.

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