Super Saturday introduces kids to sports

Super Saturday introduces kids to sports
(Photo Source: WLOX News)

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - It was a packed house at the Aaron Jones Interactive Center at the Wide World of Sports Super Saturday in Pascagoula.

Pascagoula High School senior Shawn McCuller and his teammates were there helping prep the next generation of Panther and Gator athletes.

"They just come up ask me questions about football; do I like it, is the running hard," McCuller said. "That's basically what they ask me and, you know, about game time."

McCuller was one of a handful of varsity athletes volunteering at the event.

"We just came out, got a couple athletes and stuff to just come out with the kids and have fun. Basketball team, softball, track, all kinds of sports," McCuller said.

It was fun that involved exposing kids to sports they might not get a chance to play without the aid of the event.

"I hit the volleyball, I played dribble the basketball, had fun. It was a lot of games," said novice athlete, 5-year-old Ciarah Navarro.

And while the kids definitely burned calories, organizers hope they also learned a thing or two about the many sports the district has to offer.

The next Super Saturday will be held April 8.

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