Warning signs posted at problem crossings

Warning signs posted at problem crossings

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Since Tuesday's deadly train collision many have asked the question what could have stopped it from happening.

On Friday, the City of Biloxi took steps designed to prevent future tragedy.

"We're taking steps to do everything that we can do to let people know about the danger at some of these crossings," said Biloxi public affairs manager Vincent Creel.

Three signs are now in place on Main Street to encourage drivers of large vehicles to cross the tracks somewhere else.

"This one specifically says no RV's, no buses, and no trucks," Creel said. "It's pretty clear language, it also has the multi-national symbol on it with a truck with a no on it."

One sign is down the street to give clear warning before a driver would get to the tracks, another sign is at the crossing, and another was placed on the north side of the tracks. All three now join the low ground clearance sign that was already there.

"CSX has signs in place, they have bells in place, it says low ground clearance and it has a picture with a truck stuck on top of it," Creel said. "So we're going to take another effort and put additional signs up."

Greyhound Bus attempted to go across the Main Street Crossing Friday morning. Emergency vehicles in the area spotted the bus, and stopped it before it got to the top of the tracks.

The city is now planning to add the same signs at similar crossings around Biloxi.

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