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Shih Tzu bride and groom united in holy muttrimony

The happy couple. (Source: Che Vienes/Facebook) The happy couple. (Source: Che Vienes/Facebook)

(RNN) – Take a group of dog lovers who like to make costumes for their canines, throw in a beach in the Philippines and a wedding.

When dog mom Therese Halili rounded up a bunch of like-minded friends to have a big, fat dog wedding for her fur-baby Shih Tzu, the result was incredible.

Bride Lally and her groom Kian knew each other well because Halili and her friend, Tholytez Laserna, who is Kian’s human, brought the couple together for frequent play dates, including plentiful dogfood snacks. After a year of courtship, the big day arrived.

Lally wore a flowing gown, Kian wore a tux; the wedding party included a dog minister in priestly raiment, a flower girl, a wedding singer, a maid of honor, a best man and two Pomeranian wedding sponsors.

The wedding party of about 25 was diverse, featuring Siberian Huskies and Labradors along with the Poms and a plethora of Shi Tzus along with their people.

Photographer Che Vienes captured the event in a series of classic images that are beautifully conceived, adorable, delightful, cute and really hilarious.

Because it’s dogs. Wearing clothes. Fancy clothes. On a beach.

Vienes, a professional pet photographer with a wry sense of humor, said the purpose of the event was actually just a little bit serious. She’s an animal advocate, and hoped to raise consciousness and encourage humans to take care of their companions.

She said it was probably the first dog wedding in the history of the Philippines.

It was certainly the most elaborate.

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