Biloxi priest aids bus crash victims

Biloxi priest aids bus crash victims

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Emergency responders from across the area rushed in to help the people victims of a train-involved bus crash on Tuesday.

When Father Gilbert Enderle with Mother of Sorrows and Blessed Seelos in Biloxi heard about the collision, he rushed to the scene to comfort passengers.

"They didn't seem to know where on Earth to go, or what was the next step, or who was calling the shots," said Enderle.

After offering a quick prayer for passengers, Enderle began looking for answers; leading the ones who needed medical attention to the right place.

"A large ambulance with a big box on the back and a couple of men jumped out and came over to where some of the ones were that had blood streaming down their face," said Enderle. "The last I saw, they were seating them inside."

As he's had time to reflect on the tragic events, Enderle says the tragedy brought the best out in everyone who was around the mangled bus.

"It didn't matter - black, white, Hispanic, Texan, Mississippian - people just came together," Enderle said. "It was a real atmosphere of a group of people who could just be human beings to each other."

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