Essence EIC emeritus to women: Uplift each other

Essence EIC emeritus to women: Uplift each other

OXFORD, MS (WLOX) - "You can't assume that making a difference 20 years ago is going to allow you to sort of live on the laurels of those victories for the rest of your life."

That quote from lifetime feminism activist Angela Davis was part of the overall theme of sisterhood on March 8, International Women's Day.

People across the globe took to social media to stand in solidarity and support women near and far. Just one day before, well-known icon Susan L. Taylor graced the stage at Ole Miss to urge women to fight against social challenges.

"I think it's a time of awakening for women - another awakening, a re-awakening - because women have been awakened periodically over time and unfortunately it is always a result of something tragic, or that's believed to be tragic," said Taylor, founder of National CARES Mentoring Movement & Essence Editor-in-Chief Emeritus. "The world is never going to work until women have our proper place in it."

Taylor spoke to more than 200 people at Fulton Chapel on Tuesday as the keynote speaker of the Women's History Month program. After spending 27 years as the chief editor of Essence magazine, she has since devoted her life to 'breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty among African-Americans.'

The nation's fastest growing mentor-recruitment organization, CARES trains adults who are then sent to a multitude of youth groups in 58 cities across the country who are need of role models.

"There's no more important thing that we can do in this nation right now than to move those who are struggling along the margins into the mainstream," noted Taylor. "The country cannot survive and thrive with so much talent being marginalized, and this is really a huge role for us to undertake."

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