FoFo Challenges Holloway To Say No

With the city of Biloxi's Mayoral seat on the line, "FoFo" Gilich is asking Mayor AJ Holloway to get used to his current salary should he win reelection. Outside city hall, he told voters that he's making a pledge to work without a pay increase and he's asked Mayor Holloway to do the same. "The taxpayers of Biloxi are being asked to fund an additional $64,000 in pay increases for the mayor over the next term. As a conservative business man, I believe an employee's compensation should be linked to performance."

Mayor AJ Holloway says, "I wish I was getting a $64,000 raise, but I think the job of Biloxi's Mayor is a tough job, it's a hard job, it's a big job. There are over 500 employees that we have in the city of Biloxi, a $114,000,000 dollar budget and this salary is commensurate with the job, I have no problem whatsoever accepting this salary."

Until June 30th of this year, the salary for the mayor of Biloxi is $74,550 per year. There is an approved increase each of the next four years for the mayor. On July 1st, the salary will rise to $86,000 per year, a year later to just over $89,000 and then by July 1st of 2004 the mayor's salary will be over $95,000.

It's an increase of money that Gilich says shouldn't be accepted. "The taxpayers of Biloxi should not be asked to fund additional pay increases that have not been earned. As your mayor, I will not accept this pay increase or any pay increase during my term in office."

Mayor Holloway says, "I've got a record, I've shown what I can do and no other city, I guarantee you no other city in the state of Mississippi can compare to that record." Gilich also challenged Mayor Holloway to keep all the city's business in the open and to comply with open meetings laws which Mayor Holloway says he already does.