I survived a fast moving baseball that slammed into my thigh: My cell phone did not!

I survived a fast moving baseball that slammed into my thigh: My cell phone did not!

PERKINSTON, MS (WLOX) - I got to Perkinston about an hour before the new Mississippi Gulf Coast Bulldogs baseball stadium was to officially open.  I decided to take out my WLOX high definition video camera and began getting video of the beautiful new baseball complex.  Ken "Curly" Farris Field is a first-rate baseball stadium.

After getting shots from inside the stadium, I walked down onto the field while the Gulf Coast Bulldogs held pregame warm ups.  I interviewed head coach Rodney Batts in the spacious state-of-the-art dugout.  After the interview I made my way on the field and while I was getting video of the players standing outside the dugout, I felt something slam into my thigh and heard a loud pop.

I continued to shoot my video, but realized I got tagged by a fast moving baseball.  The players by the dugout were amazed because they heard the loud pop and knew I got hit by the baseball.  I finally put down the camera and one player said, "Man, you got hit by the baseball and you didn't even move!"  A couple of the players wanted to know if I was OK and I was.

I told them I felt the ball hit my thigh and while it stung, I finally realized the loud pop that could be heard was the ball ripping into my cell phone that I placed in my left pants pocket.  When I took the cell phone out of my pocket, I could see that there was a nice indention.  My cell phone took the brunt of the fast moving baseball and saved me from possible injury.  My cell phone no longer works to perfection, but I'm thankful that on that day, my cell phone was in the right place at the right time.

You can check-out the video and you can hear the big popping noise as the ball hit my thigh.

This is the second time since December that I have experienced an injury while video tapping a sporting event.  I was run into by a line judge during the Bernard Blackwell High School All-Star Game in Gulfport.  I was knocked down to the turf and suffered a cut over my right eye that should have received two or three stitches.  It left a scar above my eye.  That's two strikes against me.  I had better be on my toes from now on!

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