Meet Biloxi Lady Indians first-year head coach Devin Hill

Meet Biloxi Lady Indians first-year head coach Devin Hill

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Biloxi Lady Indians first-year head basketball coach Devin Hill raised the bar and his players have responded. On Saturday Biloxi dominated Tupelo 66-53 to advance to the Class 6A State Tournament semifinals Wednesday at 1:30,  a date with undefeated Starkville in Jackson.

Who is coach Hill?

Devin Hill is a dedicated head coach who drills his players, bringing out the best in each individual.  In the end, his coaching techniques make his players physically fit, they excel in the fundamentals and they never give up.

Coach Hill led Itawamba AHS to a State Championship in 2014 and he has the Lady Indians in position to do the same this year.

He did something that hadn't been done in 31 years, guide Biloxi into the State Championship Tournament in Jackson. He's proving to be a special head coach.

So, who influenced Hill to jump full-speed ahead into the coaching ranks?

Coach Hill said, "It wasn't necessarily a coach that influenced me, my ninth grade teacher, Michelle Wilshire.  She's been a really good friend of mind in Hamilton, Mississippi.  She did a good job of taking a young boy and just having patience with him.  I vowed since the ninth grade that I was going to be a coach, that I wanted to do for some other kid for what she did for me and she gave me the opportunity to prosper, to blossom so to say, where I just wanted to wither and die."

Hill played two years of football at Itawamba Community College and graduated from North Alabama.

"I did play college football, "said Hill.  "That was my sport which gives me the toughness aspect.  A lot of people mistake my confidence for being cocky.  I'm not cocky at all.  I'm just very very confident in my own skin.  I just believe that God didn't give us the spirit of fear, he gave us the spirit of power, have a sound mind.  If you can utilize those gifts that have gave you and hopefully get kids to buy into it, to give that he put inside of them, I think that the sky will always be the limit."

That's why you can't discount Biloxi in Wednesday's semifinal clash with unbeaten Starkville, a team that has run off 30 consecutive wins.

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