Time running out for exhibitors to sign up for bicentennial celebration

Time running out for exhibitors to sign up for bicentennial celebration

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - It's a coast-wide effort to highlight the rich history of South Mississippi as part of the state's bicentennial celebration. With the celebration just a few weeks away, time is running out for groups that want to be involved in the party.

According to Bicentennial Celebration South Project Manager Tish Williams, the deadline for exhibitors to sign up is Wednesday, March 8. If you'd like to be in the parade, that deadline is Wednesday, March 15.

"Well, it's real easy if you want to be a part of it, and we hope that everyone will want to be a part of the celebration. You just go online to our website, MS200South.org, and sign up to be an exhibitor," said Williams.

She believes this is one celebration you don't want to miss out on.

"This is going to be a celebration of Mississippi, and we do have so much to be proud of. There will be multiple venues throughout Centennial Plaza that will celebrate our statehood. There will be a Mississippi welcome center. There will be a centennial theater. There will be a salute to Mississippi cities and counties, a salute to our military, and our educational accomplishments," Williams said.

For Hancock County coordinator Nikki Moon, owner of Bay Town Inn Bed and Breakfast, making sure Hancock County is well represented is her main goal.

"We have so much to offer here. We have great artists, various types of artists. We have potters. We have the visual arts. We have great jewelers. We've got folks that will be out there being part of the celebration, celebrating what we do best here, which truly is our art," Moon said.

Moon said as a resident and business owner in Hancock County, being able to help people tell their story of how they've shaped the history of Mississippi has made all the hard work worthwhile.

"It's pretty personal, I think. It tells the story of what we are here in this county and in Bay St. Louis, especially. As a business owner, I want people to come and see us, see that there is more than what happened here eleven years ago, way more, and that it's an exciting, thriving area," Moon said.

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