Choice Bus stops in Poplarville

Choice Bus stops in Poplarville

POPLARVILLE, MS (AP) - Eager Middle School of Poplarville students boarded a bus Sunday that's anything but ordinary; the Choice Bus. The vehicle is half school bus and half prison bus and travels across the country offering a unique presentation to students. The message: You can end up on either side.

Some of the presenters on this bus come from all over America. Chet Pennock said he does it to inspire students to make the right decisions.

"What we're trying to do is provide is an interactive learning tool, because these are things that they've learned already many times. We try to show it to them and put it in a context that they will remember," said Pennock.

The students are lectured on how much of an influence the choices they make today can have on tomorrow.

"It's important, because it helps them to know that the choices that they make have an impact on their lives," said Middle School of Poplarville Principal Heidi Dillon.

After the presentation on the education side of the bus, students are able to see what life is like inside of a jail cell.

"We do also speak quite some length about the consequences of making bad choices. The jail cell is quite dramatic," said Pennock.

But, there lies a deeper meaning to the bus's message.

"Our mission statement is to increase the graduation rate in the country, conversely decrease the dropout rate," Pennock said.

That's pretty evident from all the phrases clearly written on the walls. Now, these students are pledging to make the right decisions.

Choice Bus presenters, as well as the Middle School of Poplarville, would like to thank State Farm local agent Micheal Weathersby and Stacey Wilks for helping to spread the message of the project.

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