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Turkey trot around dead cat strikes awe

BOSTON (RNN) - A turkey procession around the corpse of a cat has taken social media by storm.

Twitter user @TheRealJDavis captured a video of the odd occurence, posted Thursday, with the caption "These turkeys trying to give this cat its 10th life."

In the video, a flock of turkeys is seen walking around the cat's body in the middle of the road.

Media outlets such as NPR and Boston Magazine posted stories on what provoked the turkeys to circle the dead cat. 

Boston Magazine quoted a top Massachusetts turkey expert, David Scarpitti, who said though the footage is "really quite amazing," the turkeys have no supernatural intent, the turkeys are probably just assessing whether the cat, a predator, poses a threat. 

Turkeys also tend to follow a leader, which means if one turkey started circling around the corpse, the others would follow suit. 

Biologist Alan Krakauer also told NPR it's "most likely ... predator inspection behavior," which means actually approaching a potential threat to assess how much of a threat it poses.

Turkeys, unlike vultures, aren't carrion eaters, so they probably didn't see the dead cat as a potential snack, the Verge said.

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