Gulfport man home after 130-pound tumor removal

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A Gulfport man is home after having a 130-pound tumor removed from his abdomen. The mass grew without a proper diagnosis for 15 years.

Roger Logan returned home from a California hospital surrounded by well-wishers. He said he's looking forward to normal life again after his incision heals.

"I spent three years in a chair unable to go anywhere. We threw all that furniture away. Never wanted to see it again," said Logan.

He's now 130 pounds lighter and tumor free, thanks to a surgeon in Bakersfield, CA who finally gave him the correct diagnosis and treatment.

"Seven, eight, nine years worth of doctors, medical centers, university medical centers. At first, they just said I was fat and I could get a bypass. But, it wasn't that. It was an ingrown hair that got infected and started to grow," said Logan.

His wife, Kitty, helped him get around for the past few years as things became increasingly difficult. After searching tirelessly for answers, they found what they needed about seven months ago.

"She got lucky because of a TV show to find our doctor in Bakersfield. We got ahold of him, and he said, 'This is what I do. Get out here. We'll take it off,'" said Logan.

Logan's daughter, Kasey, said she's looking forward to cooking again with her dad.

"Really, the last two years he's been stuck in a chair," Kasey said.

Upon Logan's return, he found his loved ones had redecorated his home for him, and he said his healing is going better than expected. Now, he'll focus on continuing to grow stronger.

Logan said up next for him will be plastic surgery for further corrections, and possibly more TV appearances.

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