Spring breakers invited to Gulfport events, despite no city permits

Spring breakers invited to Gulfport events, despite no city permits

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - As March begins, so does the spring break season.

A group of promoters is looking to attract spring breakers to Gulfport.

"Each week you get approximately anywhere from 10,000 - 40,000 kids on a week long school break, so they need somewhere to go," said Jeremy Ford.

With recent restrictions put on drinking on the beach in Panama City and Gulf Shores, Ford is hoping people looking to party will come to Gulfport. Ford has set up events at Club 34 starting March 4, with the day long parties planned every day for the next 30 days to follow.

However, Gulfport City officials say they hadn't heard anything about the events until now.

"We have a lot of permits coming through but, to my understanding, there has not been any permits or applications filed yet," said Chris Vignes, Gulfport public information officer.

Ford says his group chose not to file permits for parties on the beach.

"When we spoke to the officials at Harrison County to be able to get the beach, it was just going to be too hard to set up and have a party per say at the beach," Ford said.

Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson told WLOX he has no plans to have extra officers on the beach during the first weekend of the month. As for Ford, he says they'll be ready for any size crowd that might show up.

Even though Ford chose to not pursue permits for his spring break events, Gulfport's Chris Vignes says the city is glad to work with anyone who wants to organize and bring events to the city.

"Anybody that's interested in doing something they can simply contact the City of Gulfport," Vignes said. "You can go through our website, and call our number, and we help get the process started through applications and permits.

The group is not affiliated with Biloxi Black Beach weekend that's coming up in April.

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