Bishop inspires community with faith, in the spirit of MLK

Bishop inspires community with faith, in the spirit of MLK
Reed says he hopes to inspire community members to be winners. (Photo source: WLOX)

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - People who attend the Powerhouse of Deliverance Ministries celebrated Black History Month with a Sunday program featuring Mississippi African-American leaders and athletes.

Honorees included civil rights figure James Meredith, football player Jack Spinks, runner Willye B. White and Unita Blackwell, the first African-American female mayor of Mississippi. Through music, special programming, founder and president Bishop Jeffrey Reed says he's looking to help produce winners in society by providing spiritual guidance.

"As we're celebrating Black History Month, I want to make a shout out to all African-American families and people of color," said Reed. "May we all strive to be best we can be."

"Weekend for Winners" included an evangelistic service, a seminar and a banquet; all in the name of inspiring the community to walk a spiritual path.

Bay Saint Louis resident Charles Hawkins has enjoyed listening to the teachings of Reed, and First Lady Tiny Reed, for 20 years.

"Their character is one that you can't replicate, they are such good role models. They're living role models," said Hawkins.

Rev. Jimmy Wilson at the Extraordinary Church in Moss Point attended the program and says he's also inspired by the Reed family.

"Bishop Reed is an excellent leader. He's had many experiences in ministry, and professionally.  He's also a councilman in Bay Saint Louis," noted Wilson.

Bishop Reed provides an anchor for many in his loyal following, and says he strives to make a strong family bond one of the main focal points in the community.

"Today's climate is unstable and I think settings like this create a balance," added Hawkins. "When you go out in society, you need something to anchor yourself down with."

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