Gulf Shores Residents Brave Tropical Storm Arlene

While some residents were out boarding up their homes in fear of Tropical Storm Arlene.

Others decided to follow a different route.

"hurricane party hurricane party," one resident says.

These Gulf Shore residents did not let the high tides and fairly strong winds stop them from laughing and having a few drinks.

"Well.. its Saturday and I always like to take a bath on Saturday I was just going to save water today,"says Billy Arron.

"I would like to see it when it comes in I would like to be on the water when it comes in if I can make myself go down there,"says Susan Bennett.

This group was not the only ones enduring the heavy rain.

Others also headed to the beach.. hoping to get a look at Tropical Storm Arlene.

"We just want to watch the wind blow," Says Bennett

Gulf shores was hit hard last year by hurricane Ivan.

For some, the thought of a tropical storm so early in the season was nerve-racking, but they say it could have been worse.

"Well I know this was not going to be near as bad as Ivan and I was not worried about it because it is a tropical storm, but if it was bad as Ivan I wouldn't be sitting here," says Arron.

Although this group says they enjoyed watching the rain outside their homes, they're hoping this gathering will be the last this tropical season.

"I hope they don't get any more bad hurricanes to destroy it because theres a lot of people who enjoy the gulf," says Bennett.