Jackson County Residents Prepare For Possible Flooding

Residents in the Helena area know about the dangers that hurricane season brings.

"The least little rain we get, the neighborhood floods. I am one of the lucky ones. It has not been inside my house, but it has gotten to the door," Francis Estes says.

Although Estes considers herself one of the fortunate ones, she is still preparing for the worst.

"I am still scared, but I am positive. I am not staying here, but you never know at the last minute which way it's going to turn," Francis says.

But not everyone is as lucky as Francis. Stella Norsworthy has lived in the area for 30 years and says she is afraid of the possibility of Arlene.

"Nervous, upset, You do not know what to expect and there is nothing you can really do to prepare for it hardly," Norsworthy says.

Carpet from inside Norsworthy's home now sits in front of her door as a reminder of the rain storm that flooded the area just two months ago.

"I have cement all through my house. I was going to put it back in, but I don't know whether to put it back in or paint the floors," Norsworthy says.

Stella says she will most likely not leave her home because it's inconvenient.

"When you leave all the hoodlums go around and loot places. They know that people are gone. So we just stay home sometimes, unless it's really, really bad."

Norsworthy says she's not sure what's going to happen with Arlene, but she knows she'll be okay.

"I am afraid of bad weather, usually, but I think the good Lord will take care of me. He has so far."