MDEQ air tests not enough for neighbors living near Bayou Cassotte

MDEQ air tests not enough for neighbors living near Bayou Cassotte

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Air quality has been a concern for citizens living near the Bayou Cassotte Industrial Park for some time.

During a meeting Thursday in Pascagoula, the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality shared air quality test results with concerned citizens from the Cherokee neighborhood community.

According to MDEQ, the tests revealed hazardous air pollutants in the area are well below the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's exposure threshold.


The results were gathered during three 24-hour sampling periods that took place over several weeks.

The Steps Coalition and Cherokee Concerned Citizens, a group that represents more than 100 people who live in the neighborhood, said they are glad the agency did the testing, but they are not satisfied with the results.

"It isn't enough tests. You really need a lot more data than that," said Steps Coalition representative Howard Page. "We think this is a good start.  We need more tests."

Page said the test results show just a snapshot of what people in the neighborhood breathe constantly every day. Many residents blame health issues on their industrial neighbors.

"They're there constantly. They never have a break from the pollutants," said Page.

Page said the Steps Coalition will ask MDEQ to do more testing, and he expects Cherokee Concerned Citizens to hold a meeting soon to review the findings and determine how they can get more answers.

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