Preparing For Storm A Normal Chore In Hancock County

Folks in Hancock County are taking no chances with the approaching tropical storm. For many, preparing for high winds and rising waters is some what routine.

Linda Pucheu wants to be ready for what ever Arlene brings our way. She's quite familiar with the process of preparing for rising waters.

"The water might come up in here a little bit, then I won't be able to get out, so I'm going to go ahead and take everything out now."

Getting her party barge out is first on her list. She'll store it on a relative's property in Orange Grove.

"It's just a tropical storm, but I want to be ready in case it develops into something else."

Ken Hanson, of Bay St. Louis took advantage of the free sand bags county supervisors made available to residents. He hopes the bags will prevent water from invading his house.

"I'm just sitting in an area where the water comes through the back of my building and it tends to get a little high by the patio, so just a little prevention."

Sevastos Aslanis doesn't plan to get caught off guard by flood waters either.

"This car hasn't been moved in a while. Just making sure the battery was charged so I can get it out of here if necessary."

He knows first hand how quickly the water can rise and take away anything that isn't secured.

"We tie our picnic table down cause one year that floated away. I don't anticipate this storm will be that bad, but just in case, it's always good to be ready."

Emergency management officials say that's good advice.

"You know you're in a low lying area. You know whether you flood in certain situations. Plans should already be made right now. We're urging the citizens once again, heed the warnings," EMA Director Brian Adam said.

by Al Showers