West Harrison HS presents its first Black History Month program

West Harrison HS presents its first Black History Month program

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Education, entertainment, and inspiration were all part of the first Black History Celebration at West Harrison High School Friday morning.

The program choir shared the message through music, with the crowd clapping along to a gospel beat. Spoken word was also powerful.

"Forced to feel inferior, yet potentially superior, we are beautiful, full of worth, intelligent, a gifted seed, we are our ancestor's wildest dream," recited Mya Stewart.

A skit entitled "If There Were No Black Folk" highlighted the fact that many conveniences people take for granted were invented by black people. Inventions included modern heating and air conditioning systems, ironing boards, dust pans, elevators, and even the hair brush and comb.

Guest speaker Terrance Pringle, Seabee Base Sailor of The Year, shared an inspirational story.

"Going through school was very hard for me because I was a knucklehead," said Pringle. "I did everything against what an adult teacher would tell me to do."

However, the military changed him for the better.

"Loved running across the flight deck when the aircraft were about to land or takeoff. That was me. I would run because it was fun, it was exciting," said Pringle, recalling his first assignment aboard the aircraft carrier, USS Kitty Hawk.

The theme for the celebration was: "Embracing the past, Building the Present and Enhancing the Future".

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