Sand Bags, Road Signs Signal Storm Coming

Sand bags, barricades and road signs are part of the storm assignment for some work crews. The threat of torrential rainfall brings worries about flooding.

Harrison County filled some 50 thousand sand bags to prepare for Hurricane Ivan. Arlene hasn't prompted quite that response. But don't tell that to those who are busy with sand bag duty Friday.

"Busy. Been busy like a bee all day long," said Godfrey Davis as he supervised the sand bag crews for the City of Gulfport.

"People started coming in and out. This morning was even worse than yesterday morning.  Every time you look around, another vehicle coming in wanting sand bags," he said.

Gulfport public works crews were in full storm mode. The workers provide peace of mind for folks with high water worries. Sand bags keep unwanted water away.

"Oh yeah, we've got plenty of sand. Plenty of sand," said Davis, as workers loaded a dozen more bags.

Same assignment, different location at the county work center.

Inmates prepared, while listening to the radio weather forecasts.

"Showers and thunderstorms increasing tonight and becoming windy," said the forecaster, as crews kept a steady pace filling bags.

"We have all of our work centers on stand by tonight and during the day tomorrow until the emergency is over," said Harrison County road manager, Terry Broadus.

Once the expected rains hit, county road crews are prepared to take action to warn drivers about streets which may be underwater. Plenty of signs which read, "Road Closed: Street Flooded", are on storm stand by.

"As they start to flood, people will recognize the road closed signs. If we have both lanes blocked, please don't go around them," warned road manager Broadus.

Back at the City of Gulfport's sand bag central, another "customer" picked up some peace of mind.

Dru Sabune said she's hoping for the best, while preparing for the worst.

"If it stays to the east, I'm not too worried. But you never know. And I keep telling my son, you have to prepare, no matter what," said the Gulfport resident.

With the expected heavy rain, there will be flooded roads. As the road manager emphasized, motorists should not attempt to drive on any roads that have barricades or high water.