Black History Month: WJZD duo rocks the airwaves

Black History Month: WJZD duo rocks the airwaves

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Each morning two familiar voices take over the airwaves at WJZD to discuss the news of the day.

From 9 - 11 a.m., Rowe Evans and Rip Daniels host, It's a New Day. While Rip is the more well-known of the two, his producer and co-commentator Roe brings a fresh take and different perspective to the show.

"We make it a point to have topical commentary, but allow people's voices to be heard in doing so," said Rowe.

It's the only interactive call in talk show on the Coast, and they thrive on the responsibility to deliver information to viewers.

"We understand it's important to let the community know that we're presenting this information for them and to the specifically," added Rowe. "With the African American community, usually it's underserved in that respect."

Rip is the primary voice of WJZD, and the author of the creator of the morning commentary show. But without the help of Rowe as producer, news director, and right hand man - the show wouldn't have quite the same flair.

"I hired him, trained him, unleashed him, and he's been quite an asset to say the least," said Rip.

Before Evans was ever hired, he was a frequent caller. That's how Daniels discovered him.

"I was impressed with his depth of information and his eagerness to share that and to debate," said Rip.

With an age gap that spans decades, Evans and Daniels don't always see eye to eye on issues.

But for Rip, the most important thing is that they get the facts straight, and offer a prospective that may force listeners to think.

"If it's anything we've missed I think in our society it's that consideration of a different point of view," added Rip.

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