Dangerous Martin Bluff Road Expecting Some Improvements

Thousands of cars travel Martin Bluff Road in Gautier everyday. Rozella Pruitt says the intersection at Collingswood Blvd is dangerous.

"Since I've been living here, about four years, I've seen about five wrecks. Most of the accidents happen right there at that corner there."

Pruitt says a few have been fatal.

"Across the street is a cross where a man died."

She says a light on the intersection would reduce the number of wrecks and save lives.

"They'd at least be able to see the line on the road and that people are coming out of the neighborhood of Cambridge Square."

After a year of calls, city officials have answered. Sometime in the next week or so, a light will go up.

"They'll use the nearest pole, and look at the intersection and determine the light that is needed by good lighting standards to provide as much as they can on existing poles. That would be our plan," Gautier Community Service Director Ralph Hode says.

But the light is just one the projects city leaders have in the works in hopes of making Martin Bluff Road safer.

In fact, Gautier's new mayor Pete Pope says before he leaves office, he hopes to have this narrow two-lane road widened.

"This road wasn't built to handle the volume of traffic that's been placed on it today," Pope says.

In a few years, Martin Bluff Road is expected to expand to four-lanes from Gautier-Vancleave Road to Hickory Hills.

"Even though we are working it, I urge people to not get overly excited immediately because it may be another year to a year and a half before the first bit of asphalt touches the ground," Hode says.

Rozella Pruitt looks forward to a wider road sometime in the future, but she won't have to live in the dark much longer.