Bible Stories Spring To Life

In one area, a group of women played instruments and sang "Sing unto the Lord a new song".

In another booth, a woman taught some kids how to write in Hebrew. The pages of the Bible seemed to spring to life in Ocean Springs as First Presbyterian Church transformed into Marketplace 29 A.D.

Linda Darphin is the program coordinator.

"We're taking three years of Jesus' ministry, and living that out. We are acting as Jewish families and people who lived in times of Christ."

The children took on roles as apprentices in the Jewish Community.  They made pottery, grilled fish and danced, while the adults acted out scenes from the Bible.

For instance, a beggar woman told a tax collector "You and the emperor, please, for the love of God!"

Suddenly, the crowd screamed "She's dead"!

In that scene, Jesus suddenly appeared and performed a miracle on a dying child. Jesus said "Why all this commotion? She's not dead.  She's merely asleep. Little girl, I say to you, get up!"

The crowd responded "Thank you. Thank you".

As the father and daughter hugged, the crowd exclaimed "It's a miracle!"

Ten-year-old Megan Bolton said "I was surprised that he could heal people. I was just excited about how much you can learn in the Bible".

Eight-year-old Bash Brown said "It just makes me feel closer to God, and it's easier to understand than reading the Bible".

The trip back in time proved to be a moving experience for both young and old.

Jerry Anderson, who played a disciple, said "It's very emotional. It's wonderful, beautiful to see all these kids responding the way they are".

In the end, everybody sang "Shalom, Shalom"!

The Biblical Marketplace ended Friday. First Presbyterian Church plans to offer the free program again next summer.