62 roads being repaved in Long Beach

62 roads being repaved in Long Beach

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - By this summer, driving through the City of Long Beach will be much smoother. That's because several roads in the city are getting either full or partial re-paving work. Seeing the road crews hard at work is a welcome sight for those tired of a bumpy commute.

Crews are hard at work laying asphalt on Alverado Drive in Long Beach. Scott Andersen lives on the corner of Alverado Drive and said it was one of the worst streets in his neighborhood.

"This street right here wasn't too bad, but this next street over, Alverado, was ate up pretty good," said Andersen. "Looked like a meteor shower landed on it."

Andersen said with the recent rains the potholes that once covered this road were filled with water.

"I personally have a trailer and it sounds like it's about to rattle apart when I'm driving up and down the road," said Anderson.

Long Beach Alderman Mark Lishen understands his pain.

"These streets have been needed to be repaved for years and years and years, and we feel this is a very good use of the funds that Mittal Steel gave us," said Lishen.

A total of 62 roads in Long Beach will be repaved. He said money the city received from Mittal Steel Company for recovery efforts after Hurricane Katrina is what will be used to pay for these repairs, which will cost just under a million dollars.

"We have had about a million dollars in the bank waiting for the right opportunity and the right project that would benefit as many citizens as possibly could," said Lishen.

The county's contractor, Land Shaper Incorporated, is doing the work here. City leaders said it's because they were the most affordable option.

"Having been in office for as long as I have and hearing the frustrations, it's wonderful to finally be able to do something and give them something back that's very tangible," said Lishen.

The city will be repaying the county for the work on the 10.9 miles of roads being repaved.

"Yea, it's nice to know it's actually going to the community and getting used for something positive," said Andersen.

Mayor Billy Skellie said the road work should be finished by June, pending weather delays and county work. Some of the roads being repaved include Pecan Park, parts of South Forest, Pecan Circle, South Mitchell Road and several others.

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