Bacaran Bay Resort Will Have Hotel And Condo Rooms

Fifteen years ago, Marlin Torguson came to Mississippi 15 years ago, and magically helped give birth to the state's casino industry.

"There were a lot of analysts that didn't agree with me," he remembered. "There were some casino executives from some companies that didn't agree with me. But they certainly learned in a hurry that Mississippi was the greatest spot to do business."

In 2000, Torguson sold his Casino Magic companies.

"So, I've had five years to sit and think about everything I want to do," he said.

What he's doing is leading the charge to take Mississippi casinos to another level of unprecedented heights.

"Well it's different," he said, referring to the villas he's selling at Bacaran Bay. "But I think it's exciting because this is what's happening in the market."

Lining the floor in Torguson's Waveland office are drawings of his Bacaran Bay casino resort venture. What makes Bacaran Bay so unique is that it's the first coast casino to include condominiums in its designs.

"This is a trend that is going to change the whole Mississippi Gulf Coast I think," he thought.

On Friday, Torguson has invited realtors to hear a presentation about the 387 condo units he's selling in the Villas at Bacaran Bay.

In his opinion, the condo concept "gives a person who wants to buy a condominium a chance to have a condominium in a facility with lots of amenities. So for us to go out and sell this condo project is really exciting."

The amenities that will someday be linked to Keegan Bayou and Caillavet Street include the casino, two pools, a spa, a movie theater, a bowling alley, and two chapels.

If construction begins in September, Bacaran Bay and its individually owned villas should open in 2008.