Keesler 403rd wing members learning to do more with less

Keesler 403rd wing members learning to do more with less

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Senior leadership officials in the Air Force Reserves 403rd wing at Keesler Air Force base are better prepared to operate in the days of tight military budgets.

The classroom setting at Keesler Air Force Base is all about new recruits becoming more efficient.

"It's a way to let the new airmen be empowered to look for, 'Hey why are we doing this,'" said Chief Master Sgt. Monte Snyder. "Sort of challenge the status quo so we as leaders can empower them to actually take action, and look for those ways to save money."

Lessons were learned off base as well, as the men and women toured private sector industrial giant Chemours in Delisle.

For new airmen joining the Air Force, the goal can be found in books, on projector screens, and on computers.

"When they come out here, we need to have productive training, explained Col. Chad Segura. "We need to make sure we are doing what they expected, preparing them to do a job so it's essential that we continually look at how we perform every process."

Despite the pressure that military men and women face having to do more with less, members of the new Trump administration have indicated they'd like to see a military build-up. Doing so suits members of the 403rd just fine.

"It's always good to hear that you're going to get the tools and the assets and the personal that you need. Obviously, our role is to help meet the need of the taxpayer and the combatant commanders and use the tools that we have efficiently," noted Segura.

And when that happens, everyone will win.

About 50 members of the 403rd wing are taking part in the class.

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