Church holds concert to honor African American heritage

Church holds concert to honor African American heritage

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A Gulfport church with a long history of its own held a concert celebrating the legacy of African Americans. The event drew people from all over the state to come enjoy the gospel.

"We just got a lot of groups together from out of town, some locals just to come here. And we're just celebrating to bring to light some of the accomplishments that our ancestors have made in the past," said Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church Pastor Winfred Harper.

On the eve of the church's 112th birthday, musical acts packed the sanctuary to celebrate Black History Month.

"It's awesome that we had people that died for us to have freedom. They still fought, even though they were getting hurt, they didn't give up," said Marquise Taylor.

Taylor was one of the singers hoping to inspire others through his talent.

"It's a blessing because my singing is touching other people and whatever they're going through. For others, it may have been for them also to let them know that God is here for them," said Taylor.

Another act present was keyboardist and Pastor Charles Miskell who's happy to see the world has changed since Mt. Calvary was originally founded back in the early 1900s.

"Now we see all type of people that of come together and we see black and white sitting and eating together, and black and white kids playing together," said Miskell

The overall goal of the service leans more towards educating the youth on how things once were in the past.

"They need to know exactly how things transpired. Not only to help us, but help them, too," said Harper.

Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church is located on Canal Road. The members plan on having several other services based on Black History during the month of February.

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