New management upgrades Lucedale Animal Shelter

New management upgrades Lucedale Animal Shelter
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LUCEDALE, MS (WLOX) - A non-profit group is now in charge of the once scrutinized Lucedale Animal Shelter.

"We took over in October from the city of Lucedale. We're Dixie Adoptables, we've been a rescue for 10 years," said Dixie Adoptables Assistant Director Angie Greene.

They're slowly fixing the problems that once plagued the city shelter. And they're starting by getting the place cleaned up.

"We're painting, we're remodeling, we're updating, we've done some construction," Greene said.

That includes adding a wall in the shed at the back of the shelter to keep the animals safe from the weather, adding a quarantine room, and a separate shed just for their kitten population. But constantly operating at full capacity has them looking for additional funding so they can expand.

"Right now we're running around 75 cats and dogs," Greene said. "We want state of the art, but we can't do that on our funding. So as we get our funds available, we just keep adding and keep doing and keep updating," Greene said.

In the meantime, they say they focus on doing the best for the animals they can take in.

"They're comfortable, they're in a nice clean space. They're getting the best care they can get before we can get them adoptable and we can get them into homes," Greene said.

And with the help of their volunteers and their vet, they'll continue to work to make each animal coming through their doors happy and healthy.

For information on how to adopt, volunteer or donate, check out Dixie Adoptables online at

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