Mardi Gras invades South Mississippi

Mardi Gras invades South Mississippi

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Saturday's incident at the Ocean Springs Elks Parade wasn't enough for Gautier residents to stop a long-standing tradition.

In fact, they plan to continue doing what they like best.

"Absolutely, we're coming back," added Eekhof. "Too much fun."

On the other end of the route on Porter Avenue, the family theme echoed for Brenda Lewis of Moss Point and her crew. For years, she's been bringing her parents to the spot.

"Park here every year, so family oriented," Lewis said. "And you can kind of box the area off and kids can romp and play and we can catch all the beads and raise all kind of hallelujah."

A few doors down, Denise Martin and friends took ownership of the 42nd annual parade's theme.

"We heard that the theme this year was Saturday Night Live, so we tried to dress up as Mardi Gras coneheads this year," Martin said.

Pam Rogers comes from Madison, Miss. to join the fun.

"We've been coming down to Ocean Springs for about three or four parades now to celebrate with them because they have the most wonderful party. It's very festive with decorations with lots of great food and drink," said Rogers.

It's also good for business owners along the route - like attorney Kathy Jacobs - not for making clients, but making friends. Some good food also helps.

"Crawfish, boiled potatoes, and corn," said Marian Wingo. "All kind of spread in the main house. It's wonderful."

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