Dog injured by car gets second chance thanks to community

Dog injured by car gets second chance thanks to community

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Beagle-mix Sophia was brought in to Jackson County Animal Shelter on Tuesday by a neighbor who witnessed her being hit by a car.

"It was a lot worse than we thought," said Adoption Coordinator Maridee Mallette. "We have a great vet on staff, Dr. Craven, but we don't have x-ray machines or anything like that. We had to use an outside vet to help us with that."

Covered in abrasions and limping, the shelter was limited in what it could do for the animal. Bienville Animal Center in Ocean Springs took in Sophia, and tried to determine the extent of her injuries.

"Upon examination, what we found she has some very deep tissue lacerations scattered pretty much all over her body, both front and back legs. She also has a fractured tail, which will require surgery to correct, but I think her worst injury is actually her jaw. She has a broken jaw," said Dr. Jacob Church, one of three veterinarians taking care of Sophia.

Sophia's tail is so badly broken that it will need to be removed. But, that doesn't stop her for wagging it. Dr. Church says that if all goes well, Sophia's surgeries will cost around $2,000. So far, she's been treated based on incoming donations.

"Jackson County, when they get these cases like this, they'll have a lot of people with big hearts that want to donate and help these guys out," said Church. "Of course we try to find the best possible treatment for the pet, and of course reduce the cost and what not to help out, so it's kind of a community effort to take care of these guys."

More than $700 has been raised via phone and in-person at the vet clinic. To Sophia's cause, call Bienville Animal Medical Center at 228-872-1231, or stop by at 1524 Bienville Blvd.

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