Unique ice cream treat comes to Ocean Springs

Unique ice cream treat comes to Ocean Springs

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - It's called rolled ice cream and it's one of the coolest trends in the retail ice cream business. Shops have opened in large cities from New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles featuring this technique with roots in South East Asia.

"This is from Thailand. This is where it came from. It was a street food. People started looking at it, recording it on Facebook and that's how it came to America," said Ly Pham, owners of Fahrenheit Cafe in Ocean Springs.

Pham and her husband opened Fahrenheit Cafe back in December after traveling to Georgia and seeing how successful an ice cream shop was with the traditional Thai frozen dessert. Unlike most ice creams made ahead of time in a machine, rolled ice cream is made to order by hand.

The liquid ice cream is first poured onto a chilled metal tray, and it takes two or three minutes for the liquid cream to freeze. Flavors and ingredients are then chopped into the mixture.

"These trays are negative 15 degrees. It freezes instantly so you have to work very fast," Pham said..

A spatula is used to spread the cream until it is frozen. It's then scraped off the surface and rolled into ice cream. The rolls are put in a cup and topped with delights like whipped cream, chocolate sauce and fruit.

"It's like an art. It's our own mix. It's fresh. Nothing sits in a freezer," said Pham.

It's not just ice cream, it's an adventure at Fahrenheit Cafe in Ocean Springs; located at 1408 Bienville Blvd. Unit E.

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