New Fishbone Alley mural complete

New Fishbone Alley mural complete

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Nicholas Cook sprayed the final touches on his newest piece of work in the heart of downtown Gulfport on Friday.

His Fishbone Alley mural is one of many displayed in a project made possible by a grant from Gulfport Main Street.

"We're lucky that we have so many talented people who come down here, paint, and just want to do it out of the love of their heart," said Gulfport Main Street director, Laurie Toups.

Cook's piece is getting attention beyond Gulfport. His first spray painted work in the alley found a worldwide audience on social media.

"I think it's great that we have different types of artists. No one's the same, we all have different types of forms that we use," said Cook.

The very same art form that's now making him into somewhat of an internet sensation, once got Cook into trouble.

"You can either go down the wrong path and keep getting arrested for it, or you can either actually take this and get the city behind you and start doing it legit and you actually see your pieces riding out," said Cook.

The artist isn't done just yet, with several more murals coming to the alley.

"After talking to Laurie Toupes about it, she said that there would be more spots opening up," said Cook. "So I'm really excited about this project."

Cook says once he's done with his art at Fishbone Alley, he hopes to spread his artwork over other parts of Gulfport.

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