MP Fire Dept. recruits new firefighters

MP Fire Dept. recruits new firefighters

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Moss Point firefighter training never ends.

"There's a lot to learn," said Chief Tommy Posey. "Technology nowadays just went out of sight, and we have to grow and learn with it because what we used to do 30 years ago we can't do any more."

The department has positions available now and later in the year, and it needs to replenish its list. Testing and training is very difficult. However, firefighters say if it's easy, it's not worth doing.

In the end, it's a perfect fit for the right person. Even after 35 years on the job, Posey still gets emotional when he talks about it.

"It's a good feeling at the end of the shift to know that you were actually able to reach out to the people - the people we serve - and it's just a real comforting job to do," said Posey.

The word is apparently out that Moss Point is the place to go for good training.

"We do fight a lot of fire here, and a lot of the young guys do get excited," said Lt. Timothy Savage. "You have a lot of great guys here that you learn from with a lot of experience."

Jacob Mullins has only been a firefighter for a year, but he's already learned a lot about both the job and himself.

"When you first start out, you look at something and it's like, "There's no way I can do this. There's no way,' and then you get out there and you start doing it push past it," said Mullins. "There really is no other job like this in the world; especially when you look at brotherhood and how people come together in times of tragedy."

Starting salary for the positions is $28,000, and negotiable depending on experience. The recruitment period ends Feb. 16.

For more information, call the Moss Point Human Resources department at 228-475-0300.

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