Wiggins man works with the Trump administration

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Nick Owens grew up in Wiggins and went to Washington to work with former Senator Trent Lott. He has spent the past year providing input for then candidate and now President Donald Trump.

Owens has been busy working with the president from election day up to the inauguration and into the new administration.

"I was fortunate enough and honored to work side by side with many of the folks who are now running the government. I worked on small business issues and regulations and helped formulate and help the new president with his transition team and help formulate policies moving forward," said Owens.

President Trump has been unlike any other president and has been a polarizing figure because of the quick and forceful way he operates.

"In the first days he took office he immediately took action and did what he said is was going to do. That surprised so many people in Washington, the media, and the other party," Owens said.

Monday, Owens was leaving Mar-a-Lago, the Trump estate in Palm Beach known as "the Winter White House." This weekend, the President and First Lady hosted the International Red Cross Ball fundraiser there.

"It was the 60th anniversary of the International American Red Cross Ball. Ambassadors from around the world attend. There was the glamor, but more importantly, the president raised about $2 million to help people in need," Owens said.

Nick Owens plans to remain engaged in helping the Trump administration as the president moves forward with running the country in what everyone agrees is a unique way.

"It's really an opportunity for me to help the president from the outside as he works in infrastructure programs around the country," Owens said.

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