Rescue center looks to bring first eagle rehab cage to South MS

Rescue center looks to bring first eagle rehab cage to South MS
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BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Injured eagles and other large birds go through the rehabilitation process in locally, only to have to travel across state lines before being released.

But, the Wildlife Care and Rescue Center is looking to change that. The group hopes to bring the first eagle flight cage to South Mississippi.

"We feel like we've already hit our own Super Bowl here by having this land donated to us," Wildlife Care and Rescue Center Director Allison Sharpe said of the nearly 3-acres in North Jackson County that have been donated to the organization.

The finished product will consist of a cage that will accommodate large birds of prey. The rehabilitation cage will save the center the trip to Pensacola, where they currently have to take captured eagles for flight training before being released back into the wild.

"Since we bring those eagles in and we do the biggest part of their rehabilitation, we would just want to see that entire process all the way through," Sharpe said. "It would save us a lot of money."

The challenge now is finding the funding for expensive project. The price tag of the cage ranges from $20-25,000

"Why it cost so much is because we are building it out of very heavy duty wood and no wire," Sharpe said.

The cage will will stand at least 16 feet high.

"We actually have this at 120 foot long, and 20 foot across, but we're actually considering expanding it out to 24 feet across," Sharpe added.

The center is looking for donors to make the rehab cage a reality.

"We know that there are so many wildlife lovers out there that are going to support us. This is going to be a goal that we're hoping to reach by the end of this year," Sharpe said.

In addition to setting up the rest of the land with an educational center across the property, small bird flight cages, a mammal area and the pond will also be installed.

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