Some fans choose not to watch the Super Bowl

Some fans choose not to watch the Super Bowl

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - While some people plan to watch the Falcons take on the Patriots Sunday evening, some Coast residents will be looking elsewhere for excitement.

"I'll be at Treasure Bay Casino playing the Sunny Moon slot machine," said Biloxi resident, Vanessa Dowdell.

Dowdell's reason for not tuning into the game is simple - her team didn't make to the show.

"It's primarily not a big deal to me because I'm not favoring either one of the teams. I'm a New Orleans Saints fan, but since they're not involved in it I choose to engage my time doing something else," said Dowdell.

But for others, there's another reason why TV sets won't be tuned in to see the teams meet face-to-face.

"My husband right now is actually deployed and he's the big sports fan in the house," said Ashley Tribble, who's going to spend the evening with her 8-month-old daughter. "Since he's gone, ESPN is not in my TV Guide."

Although some people couldn't care less about another football game, there are others who would like to watch but can't.

"I'm a truck driver and I'm on my way to work right now," said John McGee. "I'll be listening to it over the radio, getting bits and pieces and what I can with the game."

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