Mardi Gras sales pick up at area stores

Mardi Gras sales pick up at area stores

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Time is running out to get all the goodies necessary for Mardi Gras. Local businesses are booming as revelers prepare to let the good times roll.

Employees at Mardi Gras Supplies in Gulfport say business started growing significantly on Monday, and they expect it to continue through Fat Tuesday.

"We're getting ready for our parade, which will be on the 25th," said Martha Murry. "We're just buying extra things to throw."

For others, Saturday was a day to stock up on throws and decorations for the kids.

"Well my boys are going to be in two parades so we're buying them some throws. We've got some moon pies, we've got beads and we're going to get stuff to decorate the float with," said one shopper.

Young or old, carnival season has something for everyone. Mardi Gras parades kick off Saturday, Feb. 11.

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