Mississippians hit stores for game day snacks

Mississippians hit stores for game day snacks

BILOXI, MS (AP) - The big game day is almost here, and people across the country are stocking up on the necessities: food.

According to a National Retail Federation survey, American consumers will spend an average of $75 on Super Bowl Sunday fare, a total of $14.1 billion nationwide.

Although down slightly from $15.5 billion in 2016, Mississippians flocked to grocery stores Saturday to stock up on game day essentials.

Cashier Lisa White says most people buy the same things for their game day festivities. Chips, dips, and meat are the most common purchases, king cakes were flying off the shelves as well.

"A lot of them. Yes, small and large," said White.

The survey also notes that 45 million Americans plan to host a Super Bowl party, while 27 percent of people surveyed will be attending one.

"Well, I'm having a group of people over and we're going to make homemade chili and we're going to have some hot dogs, and dips and chips and just enjoy," said Linda Starns.

In most households, the snacks are just as important as the game itself.

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