Driving simulator teaches Diamondhead employees safety behind the wheel

DIAMONDHEAD, MS (WLOX) - Diamondhead city employees are working to become safer drivers, thanks to a new simulator technology. City officials say it teaches the importance of making smart choices behind the wheel.

Even though it may just look like a video game with its wide screen display gaming-style steering wheel and pedals, this simulator is actually a high-tech system that teaches an extremely important skill; safe driving.

Diamondhead City Manager Clovis Reed saw the tech recently at a meeting with the Gulf Regional Planning Commission. He knew he wanted it in the city.

"It's very accurate, and it does a very good job at reminding you that things can happen very quickly. That you may think you have things under control, but if you take your eyes off the road for a few seconds, things can change," said Reed.

The commission is making the simulator available for cities throughout the coast. Diamondhead was chosen as the pilot city. Reed went through the training program himself.

"It made me aware that we try to multitask, and sometimes driving becomes secondary, and it needs to be primary," said Reed.

This is something he wants city employees to remember, but the training is just one side of the coin, according to Reed.

"It will also provide us some documentation to put in our files for insurance purposes and liability purposes in case there is an accident," said Reed.

Accidents may be less likely after the city employees get this refresher course behind the wheel. The city will be using the Virtual Driver Interactive simulator to train its employees for the next six weeks.

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