Jackson County neighborhood sees more than 2 dozen car burglaries

Jackson County neighborhood sees more than 2 dozen car burglaries
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JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - "Monday night and then it happened around midnight - one of my neighbors say they saw someone rummaging through the vehicle," said Michael Nahmias.

Within just one week, Nahmias has become one of at least 25 car burglary victims in Gulf Park Estates.

"I never thought something like this would happen," Nahmias said.

Neighbors say suspects have been canvassing streets, going from car to car and checking to see if they're open. Many residents who forget to lock up wake up the next morning to realize something is missing.

"Some cash, $10 bill, $20 dollar bill. Luckily we didn't have anything more important like social security and other stuff like that," Nahmias said.

But, other neighbors aren't as lucky.

"We did have two weapons stolen, sunglasses," said Jackson County Sheriff Deputy Shane Bozeman who is leading the investigation. "Just very small, miscellaneous items other than the two weapons, two tablet, back packs, things of that nature."

Harrison Wenzel of Ocean Springs, 19, is in custody and charged with two counts of commercial burglary of a vehicle.

Bozeman says officials are looking for additional suspects.

"Right now we're following up on some leads. We believe there's going to be some other parties involved in it. We're going down to interview some witnesses and speak to some people about getting some video evidence," Bozeman noted.

The sheriff's department urging anyone with surveillance video, or who may have seen something, to contact them. Additionally, authorities urge residents to remember to lock cars at night and make sure valuables are left out of plain sight.

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